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The dEcode® learning system

The dEcode® system is a unique learning methodology developed by Dr. Deborah Chesnie Cooper, Educational and Developmental Psychologist. After 30 years of studying student responses, Dr. Cooper has developed a system that gets at the fundamental neuropathways of the brain, which are the conduit to learning.

Taking only 15 minutes per day, dEcode® teaches each subject level from the very beginning, gently guiding the student through each and every step along the way. While other programs depend on memorization of material, dEcode® works on the true development of memory systems including short term, long term, working, visual, and auditory memory, even for those with speech and writing difficulties, or children who have been through speech therapy with little success.

It is the method, not just the materials, that is critical to successful learning. dEcode® is not edutainment. It is real learning for real life.

dEcode® for Kids Reading

dEcode® For Kids Reading addresses the underlying processing skills required in the development of reading. It is not just another structured phonics program. In fact, it is more a method than a program and one that gets at the “DNA” level of sound/symbol relationships. The dEcode® For Kids system of teaching reading is supported by the latest research on brain development. Recent studies now show that reading occurs in a different part of the brain than the emergence of language and thus must be taught in a different way. This is central to the order and combination of sounds presented in dEcode® For Kids.

dEcode For Kids Numbers® - Coming Soon

Math and numbers don’t have to present a challenge for your preschooler. dEcode® For Kids Numbers addresses the underlying processes required for numeracy. Developed by Toronto numeracy skills expert, Dr. Deborah Chesnie Cooper, it provides an unparalleled range of examples and combinations that ensure understanding and retention of concepts essential to numerical operations. Should learning problems continue, dEcode® For Kids Numbers will give the parent insight into the signs that indicate a child might need more thorough attention, and whether a formal Psychoeducational Assessment should be undertaken.

123 dEcode® - Coming Soon

Numeracy involves a mastery of the basic symbols and processes of arithmetic including: numbers, addition, subtraction, simple multiplication, simple division, simple weights and measures, money counting and telling time. 123 dEcode® provides careful, systematic instruction, teaching the fundamentals of math in small incremental steps in order to build mastery of short-term memory into long-term memory. Once these computational skills are learned, the student progresses to the rules based skills beginning with Basic Fractions. Each rules based workbook comes with a unique 'answer' book, that provides each and every step required to achieve the solutions – not just the answers. For students of all ages, 123 dEcode® provides the opportunity to learn math like no other teaching system.

ABC dEcode® - Coming Soon

ABC dEcode® is for those experiencing severe Learning Disabilities in reading and is available only in conjunction with the diagnostic and remedial services offered through the Chesnie Cooper Educational Centre. However, there are a number of products available for the early learner, or those wanting to better their skills through dEcode® Learning Systems, Inc.

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